About Suikido


Our name Suikido consists of the 3 Japanese characters; (Sui), (Ki), (Do). Simplified Sui translates into Water; Ki means Vitality or Life Force; and Do means a Path or a Way of Life.

Suikido reflects a way of being in Life. It is the result and continuous unfolding of a lifetime of passion and in-depth training, research, exploration, practice.

We are movement researchers, energy-in-motion explorers, body treatment practitioners, plant based nutritionists, and synergetic herbalists.

Our teachers are the animals, the plant kingdom, the elements, the flow, rhythm and way of nature – its principles of interconnectivity and wholeness, and the innate intelligence of the body – the inner physician.

In this way Suikido represents an original, interdisciplinary practice of man-in-motion, body treatment modalities, veganic nutrition, synergetic herbology, and purification protocols.

In its entirety Suikido encompass:

Yogic Art
Suikido Flow Practice.

Martial Art
Suikido Bujutsu, Fused Martial Art. 

Body Treatment
Suikido Deep Tissue Therapeutic Body Treatment and Whole-Body Re-Balancing System.

Plant Based Nutrition
Macrobiotic Veganic Whole Food and Yin-Yang Nutritional Therapy.

Synergetic Herbology
Herbal Nutrition, Tonic Herbalism, Therapeutic Herbology.

Dry Sauna, Aroma Therapy, Refinement and Vitalization Protocols.
•   Inipi Sweat Lodge Ceremony.

Our Movement Lab and Treatment Clinic is located in the heart of Faksinge Forest at Idrætshøjskolen Bosei near Præstø in the rural part of Southeast Denmark.

Here we work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged people to vibrantly wholesome people, from office workers to professional athletes.

Essentially, we work with Suikido in 5 ways:
•   Through open workshops, seminars, retreats.
•   By way of individual training, treatment, counselling.
•   By way of bespoke programs, private retreats.
•   Through mentorship training.
•   As guest teachers.

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Chris Valles  &  Anette Munch