Chris Valles

Extracts of the past-present-ongoing training, education, research, exploration, and practice that lies within Suikido. 

Martial Art
Karate training under direct leadership of J. Bura Sensei from Denmark and M. Tanaka Sensei from Japan.
•  Completed the Japan Karate Association’s Kenshusei karate specialist instructor training program with honors.
•  Ranked Sandan (3rd degree black belt) by M. Tanaka Sensei, as one of the youngest Karate practitioners ever to achieve this level.
•  Competes worldwide as an elite combative athlete and National Danish Karate Team fighter.
•  Wins numerous competitions and championship titles during these years.
•  Continuous training and further learning through the practice and study of other styles of martial art.

Sports, Physiology, Anatomy
PE Teacher; Poul Petersen’s Sports Institute.

Classical Ballet & Contemporary Dance
Soloist; Eske Holm Dance Ensemble.
•  Dancer in the opera Turandot; The Danish Royal Theatre, Copenhagen.
•  Ballet Rambert School, England. Professional university dance education.
•  École-Atelier Rudra Béjart, Switzerland. Béjart; further professional dance education.
•  Dancer at Béjart Ballet Junior Company and Béjart Ballet, Lausanne.
•  Granted several talent and dance artist scholarships.
•  Awarded contemporary dance artist – the prestigious Danish performing arts award “The Reumert”.
•  International professional freelance dancer.

Oriental Movement & Treatment Science
Training, retreats: India, China, Japan, USA, Europe.
•  15-years Curriculum: Astanga Vinyasa, Hatha, and Integral Yoga; Taoist Yoga and Qigong.
•  Studies Shiatsu and Ashiatsu as part of his Japanese martial training.
•  While residing in India; trained in the original therapeutic massage system; Kalari Chikitsa/Chavutti Thirumal.

Plant Based Nutrition & Synergetic Herbology
Mentorship training and guidance by nutritional and herbal master practitioner Mr. Tue Gertsen.
•  10-year Curriculum: Macrobiotic Yin-Yang nutritional science, 5 element food therapy, Taoist tonic herbalism, therapeutic herbology.
•  Studies and works with phyto-therapeutic treatment through a synergy of Western, Indian/Ayurvedic, South American and Native American Indian herbology.
•  Over a number of years tests a variety of plant-based dietary systems such as; Raw Food, Living Food, 80-10-10 (Fruitarian), Low Carb-High Fat, High Carb-Low Fat, Intermittent Fasting, Liquid Food/Juicing (Liquidarian).

Indigenous Wisdom Traditions
Reconnects with his Mexican Indian ancestry.
•  Training, retreats, immersions: Brazil, Columbia, USA, Europe.
•  7-year Curriculum: Inipi sweat lodge; vision quest; the intelligence, nutrient density, and medicinal properties of plants.

Suikido : Fusion, synergy, wholeness
The evolution of Suikido; an interdisciplinary synergy practice of martial and yogic arts, body treatment modalities, veganic nutrition, synergetic herbology, purification protocols.

Anette Munch

Extracts from training, education, experience and practice:

Sports & Health
University of Southern Denmark.
•  Specialized in teaching and communication, group dynamics, and expressive movement.

Two decades as an elite gymnast and instructor of acrobatic gymnastics (Team Gym) and rhythmic gymnastics.
•  A main teacher at Ollerup Gymnastics Academy and a long-standing leader of the Elite Team.

State Authorized Physiotherapist
Many years of physiotherapeutic practice at private clinics, in the public healthcare sector, and currently as a self-employed physiotherapist at FysioDanmark Gildhøj Physiotherapy Clinic and at Suikido Physical Therapy.
•  Educator and teacher at the School of Physiotherapy, University College in Odense and Næstved.
•  Specialized in tissue therapeutic treatment techniques and whole-body connectivity; Craniosacral therapy and relaxation methodology; Functional synergistic anatomy, motion analysis, and biomechanical optimization; Rehabilitation of sports injuries, holistic treatment and movement protocols for sportspeople/athletes.

Completed +10-years of mentorship training with Chris Valles.
•  Curriculum/Authorization: Authorized Suikido Movement Teacher; Authorized Suikido Body Treatment and Rebalancing Therapist; Macrobiotic plant based whole food and herbal nutrition; Purification protocols, including 10-years with sweat lodge and vision quests.