We pass on our experience, skills and practical knowledge in the form of authentic non-commercial mentorship programs.

Thus we guide and work with small scale dynamic groups of selected students and apprentices who undergo intensive training in movement, treatment and / or plant based and herbal nutrition.

We accept 4-8 suitable candidates for a mentorship program. It is original apprenticeship eductations, where the knowledge and proficiency is transferred directly and personally from master to student.

The following mentorship programs are presently possible:

Suikido Body Balancing
Suikido Yogic Flow Movement
Suikido Diet Therapy & Herbal Nutrition

Currently, we start a 1 1/2 year apprenticeship course in Suikido Body Balancing System. The education is initiated on 25 August 2017 and will be completed with a final exam in December 2018.

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