Suikido Body Balancing is a dynamic tissue therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation system designed to create coherence, symmetry, energy flow and freedom of movement; As well as to promote structural recovery and stimulation of the inherent self-healing and regenerating capacity of the body.

The treatment system is developed from a precise knowledge of the neuromuscular, biomechanical, anatomical, physiological, communicative, and energetic processes in the human organism; Combined with a refined understanding of movement, physical performance and of the body as a living, dynamic, changeable, coherent whole.

Characteristic of Suikido body treatment is the proficient tissue therapeutic craft of creating deep harmonious flow of life energy through the bodily tissues and systems – skin, connective tissue, muscles, tendons, joints, bones, lymphatic system, respiratory, circulatory, internal organs, nerve and meridian systems.

All Suikido exercises and treatment techniques follow the natural movement patterns of the body and are performed to balance opposites, create neuromuscular balance, as well as affect freedom of movement, functionality and performance in a positive direction.

Our treatment craft is based on 4 basic principles.

Suikido Qi Flow Treatment
A universal treatment element that addresses the body as a whole and promotes energy flow, freedom of movement, vitality, blood flow, centering and coherence.

Suikido Tissue Therapy
Specialized Suikido tissue therapeutic treatment techniques for precise, targeted, systematic and in-depth treatment, focused on harmonizing specific problem areas, injuries and trauma.

Suikido Dynamic Motion and Mobilization Therapy
Active yogic forms included in the treatment for stimulation and balancing of whole-body-motion spirals and functional movement pathways. The essence being the release of the specific patterns and areas where the body is locked in its freedom of movement.

Suikido Exercise and Physical Training Therapy
Suikido body exercises to enable movement sensation, motion awareness, movement intelligence. Rebuilding and re-balancing the tissue; generating beneficial, strengthening, anatomically harmonious movement.


Suikido Body Balancing Session

A Suikido treatment is performed on a futon on the floor wearing comfortable loose or stretchable clothing. The suikido therapist uses both his or her hands, feet, elbows, knees and body to provide treatment.

A Suikido Body Treatment is not a fixed predetermined copyable system with a specific order of set techniques. Suikido is a dynamic, versatile, pliable system, and each treatment is designed in the moment – dictated by the individual body constitution and by the specific imbalances and needs of the person receiving the treatment.

Short treatment, 60 minutes DKK 800, –
Long treatment, 90 minutes DKK 1,200, –

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Integrated Transformational Programs
Suikido body balancing is often one of the cornerstones in a more holistic healing process. Here the body treatment can provide assistance in the process in combination with movement, diet, herbs and / or cleansing protocols .

Prices for integrated courses are agreed separately, according to the specific request.

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Mentorship Education Suikido Body Balancing Therapist
We guide and work with small scale dynamic groups of selected students and apprentices that are thouroughly educated in the Suikido treatment system and trained to be certified therapists.

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