Suikido is a fused combat training system that combines essential principles from different martial arts and combat training styles.

Suikido Bujutsu is not a competitive martial art or a traditional style with garbs, degrees, belts. The practice is a no specific style approach of movement technical refinement; defensive and combative advancement; and of promoting the natural, unpredictable, straightforward, instinctual.

Coordination and combative skills are trained systematically through basic and technical exercises, forms, shadow fighting, martial conditioning, calisthenics, flexibility, suppleness, partner drills, kick pads, focus mitts, structured sparring, free fighting.

Suikido utilizes punches, strikes, elbows, knees, kicks, blocks, dodges, leg sweeps, take-downs, throws, strangulation, joint lock.

The practice accommodates and addresses everyone; from beginners to black belts to professional martial athletes.

Training in Suikido Bujutsu is by request. Practice is planned according to the specific inquiry. Teaching can be arranged as workshops, seminars, guest teaching, continuous training, intensive courses, and by way of individual training.

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