Suikido is a versatile dynamic flow practice that fuses essential qualities from martial and yogic arts, tai chi, dance, calisthenics and physical athletic training.

Universal principles for man-in-motion, advanced techniques of energy-in-motion, the inherent intelligence and movement natur of the body are one foundation of the training.

Circles rotations spirals body waves, pulsations, fluidity, cohesiveness, energy flow – lying, sitting kneeling, standing, walking, jumping, jumping – expansive, centering, soft, strong, free flowing, pinpointed, calm, explosive, infolding, unfolding, relaxed, powerful … are part of the movement universe.

In practice, the training advances through shorter movement sequences that are performed in a flow wherein one movement naturally connects and leads to the next.

Suikido Flow Movement addresses all – from absolute beginners, to experienced practitioners, yoga adepts, top athletes, and everyone inbetween.

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5 ways to practice Suikido Flow Movement

Open workshops, courses, retreats

During the year we host open workshops, courses and seminars in Copenhagen and at Suikido Forest Retreat in Faksinge Forest, at Bosei Sports College.

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Individual training
Suikido Movement Lab in Faksinge Forest is open for individual training sessions and personal training courses.
The price for an individual training course is set individually, according to the specific request.

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Integrated bespoke programs
You can initiate a personal interdisciplinary Suikido movement, cleansing, treatment and / or learning course. Suikido Flow training can be included in synergy with one or more of Suikido’s other disciplines. Based on your inquiry we plan, teach and facilitate a program that, in duration, intensity and content, serves the present purpose.
Price for customized integrated programs is set individually, according to the specific request.

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Apprenticeship education
We guide and work with small dynamic groups of selected students and apprentices that are thoroughly trained in the Suikido Yogic Flow Movement system and educated to be certified teachers.

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Guest teaching
On request and upon invitation we teach out-of-house workshops, courses, intensives, seminars, retreats.
Price for Suikido guest teaching is set individually, according to the specific request.

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