Inipi Sweat Lodge

The Sweat Lodge is a North American Indian tradition that through generations has been a significant part of the indigenous people’s culture and spirituality. In the Indian tradition, the sweat lodge is a ceremonial gathering place for cleansing, healing, gratitude and togetherness.

The ceremony takes place through 4 rounds each with their special focus. You go out of the lodge between the sweat rounds.

Inside the lodge ceremonial herbs are used and water is poured onto the glowing hot stones; creating a powerful heat and cleansing steam.


Sauna Bath & Skin Hygiene

Sauna Gus is an aromatherapeutic sauna bath where water and essential oils are poured onto the sauna oven. The heat and aromatic steam stimulates the skin, respiratory system, muscles, connective tissue, nervous system.

In connection with the sauna bath, we often integrate other hygienic protocols such as cleansing skin with Himalayan stone salt.


Gua Sha

Gua Sha is performed by sliding an instrument with smooth edges on the surface of the skin. When treatment is effective, a characteristic redness of the skin occurs.

This form of body treatment stimulates the connective tissue, skin, lymphatic system, and the muscle fascia.

Gua Sha is primarily used at our purification retreats, where this method is included as part of a whole synergetic cleansing, hygienic and self-treatment protocol.


Synergetic purification – coherence and wholeness

By virtue of our multiple practices of cleansing and hygienic protocols, movement, body treatment, rebalancing, plant-based diet and herbal nutrition; Suikido forms a complete collection of practical wisdom for overall cleansing, vitality and lifestyle transformation.

We design, organize, and facilitate tailor made courses on request. Progress is planned according to the specific inquiry.

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Our cleansing and hygienic protocols are, in different ways, integrated into several of our courses and retreats.

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