Bespoke Programs

A synergy of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices. Individually tailored protocols and bespoke programs.

Bespoke Optimization Programs
Individually tailored retreats & bespoke programs.

Individually tailored retreats and bespoke programs is a customized course of events that implement and combine one or more of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices to meet the specific needs, health challenges, objectives, and aspirations of the individual, couple, family, group, organization, institution, business.

Individually tailored and bespoke programs cover a wide span of purposes and can be targeted towards specifics such as; rehabilitation, rejuvenation, revitalization, optimization, athletic performance enhancement, holistic lifestyle transformation, etc.

Throughout the years we have assisted & guided processes such as:

  • Transformative programs for individuals, couples, families, groups, etc. that want essential knowledge, practical skill, and personal guidance in how to establish a naturalistic, dynamic, wholesome life-style.
  • Bespoke healing programs and individual tailored purification protocols for people from all walks and ways of life.
  • Whole body treatment, integrated physical therapy, rehabilitation, restorative flow movement, nutritional therapy, synergistic herbology, and purification protocols for acute injury, overuse injury, long-term injury.
  • In-depth customized optimization, learning, and enhancement protocols for all levels of martial artists, combative athletes, dancers, sports-people, yoga practitioners, etc. 
  • Nutritional and herbal programs to balance and harmonize physical, mental, emotional, psychological, energetic imbalances.

Content, length, frequency, price, etc. for a bespoke program is set individually according to the request/enquiry at hand. 

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Athletic Enhancement
Specialized bespoke athletic programs.

We work with athletes of all levels who seeks and wants to refine and improve their level of athletic performance.

We take a multidisciplinary synergistic approach to the optimization and refinement of the athlete’s physical capacity, energy level, technical skills, and inner state.

We utilize an advanced combination of focused movement refinement, physical training, action meditation, and energy-in-motion practice together with dietary, herbal, and other complementary energy-building protocols.

Athletic optimization programs aim to optimize the deeper strength and elasticity of muscles, tendons, and joints; refine the neuro-muscular network; perfect technical skills; improve restitution and energy level; deepen inner stability and mental capacity; and to assist the athlete in reaching the desired level of performance.

Price is set individually, according to the content, length, scope, and intensity of the program requested.

Synergetic Rehabilitation

Synergistic Treatment Protocols and Holistic Rehabilitation.

We specialize in wholistic treatment and synergetic rehabilitation after sports injuries – be it long-term injury, acute injury or overuse injury.

Our integrated healing programs take an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment, recovery, and prevention of injury.

We work holistically and synergistically; and utilize an advanced combination of physiotherapeutic examination and bio mechanical evaluation; deep tissue whole body treatment; specialized tissue therapeutic techniques and mobilization therapy; pinpointed functional exercises; restorative and dynamic flow movement; together with dietary, herbal, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory protocols.

Synergetic Rehabilitation curricular aim to secure safe progression, enhance tissue quality, and promote optimal healing; and assists the athlete in attaining the desired level of functionality and performance.

Price is set individually, according to the content, length, scope, and intensity of the program requested.

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Synergetic Purification

Individually Tailored Holistic Purification & Vitalization.

We specialize in designing and developing synergistic purification and revitalization programs.

Purification programs and revitalization processes can be deepened and expanded by integrating Suikido flow practice, body treatment, re-balancing, nutritional, and herbal protocols.

Our holistic and versatile practices are tailored to meet the current needs, purposes, aspirations of the individual, couple, family, group, institution, organization, company.

Price is set individually, according to the content, length, scope, and intensity of the program requested.