Bespoke Retreat

Individually tailored bespoke retreats designed to meet the specific needs, objectives, and aspirations of the individual.

A bespoke retreat implements and combines the interdisciplinary movement, treatment, nutritional, herbal, purification practices of Suikido.

Bespoke retreats are explicitly designed to meet the needs, objectives, aspirations of the individual, couple, group.

Individual needs, objectives, aspirations are as manifold as there are people and can range from recovery, rehabilitation, holistic healing, rejuvenation, and re-vitalization; to purification, detoxification, lifestyle transformation, athletic optimization, and performance enhancement.

More specifically individuals, couples, and groups come to us for a short period of time or long-term for purposes such as:

  • Recover, heal, and regain strength.
  • De-stress, recuperate, and restore.
  • Vitalize, strengthen, and optimize.
  • Whole body treatment and re-balancing therapy.
  • Rehabilitation and regeneration after sports injury.
  • Improve and enhance athletic performance.
  • Balance, address, and treat specific ailments and imbalances.
  • Nutritional & herbal therapy.
  • Transition from an animal-based diet into a plant-based whole food diet.
  • Naturalistic detoxification and purification.
  • Practice the movement arts of Suikido.
  • Advanced yogic training.
  • Elite martial arts training and coaching.

The duration, content, price, etc. for a bespoke retreat is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

You initiate a Bespoke Retreat by sending us a personal enquiry with your specific request(s).

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