Educational Retreat

Teaching and guidance in the core principles, practices, and science behind Suikido for the purpose of self education

Educational retreats are for people that want to study the movement-healing-nutritional-purification practices within Suikido more in-depth.

During an educational retreat the fundamental principles and practical knowhow of any given discipline is taught and communicated in detail.

In this educational context, individuals, couples, groups retreat at Suikido Dojo short or long-term to practice, learn, and study:

  • Authentic Bujutsu Karate
  • Fused Martial Art
  • Sui Qi Gong – Meditative Movement
  • Yogic Flow Art
  • Tissue-therapeutic Exercise & Curative Movement
  • Body Treatment & Re-balancing Therapy
  • Plant Based Whole Food Nutrition
  • Yin-Yang Nutritional Therapy
  • Plant Based Hands-on Cooking
  • Everyday use of Spices & Herbs
  • Synergistic & Therapeutic Herbology
  • Naturalistic Detoxification & Purification

The emphasis during an educational retreat is designed to meet the specific objectives and aspirations of the individual/group.

All knowledge taught and conveyed during an educational retreat is for personal use only, not for professionally teaching others.

People that aspire to teach and communicate the explicit ways and practices of Suikido must undertake and complete official Suikido Mentorship Training to learn the essence and foundational knowledge required to teach and convey the Ways of Suikido.

The duration, content, price, etc. for an educational retreat is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

You initiate an Educational Retreat by sending us a personal enquiry with your specific request(s).

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