Personal Individual Training

We work with one-to-one teaching and private sessions in the movement, healing, nutritional, and herbal practices of Suikido.

Suikido in Motion – Movement Arts

Suikido combines authentic source Martial and Oriental Movement and Healing Arts with modern 21st century movement and physical training. We work with universal movement principles and qualities as they relate to Man-in-Motion.

There are two foundational disciplines in Suikido, a yogic movement practice: Suikido Flow Art, and a fused martial art: Suikido Bujutsu.

We teach one-to-one movement sessions in Suikido Flow Art and Suikido Bujutsu.

Duration, content, price, etc. for private training is set individually and designed in accordance with the request at hand.

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Book a session

Suikido Body Treatment Sessions

Whole body treatment and re-balancing therapy.

We facilitate one-to-one body treatments sessions and individually tailored healing programs.

The duration of a body treatment and re-balancing session is 60 minutes.

Duration, content, price, etc. for a bespoke individually tailored healing program is set individually and designed in accordance with the request at hand.

Nutritional & Herbal Consultation

Individually tailored nutritional and herbal programs.

Individual nutritional and herbal consultation:

The initial consultation includes analysis of your health questionnaire, preparation of your personal dietary and herbal plan; and the one-to-one consultation.

Consultation takes place in person at Suikido Dojo or can be arranged via Skype or Zoom.

The duration of the initial consultation is 75 minutes. Subsequent consultation is 45 minutes.

Bespoke cooking course:

We teach and pass-on practical and in-depth experiential knowledge of how to prepare, cook and establish a plant-based kitchen. Our teaching is concrete, how-to-do, hands-on.

The content and focus of a cooking course can be combined in a multitude of ways to cover a wide span of subjects, objectives, etc.

The duration, content, price, etc. for bespoke cooking courses is set individually and designed in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

We guide and work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly healthy; from sedentary office workers to professional athletes. 

Book a consultation

Book a consultation

Families & Couples Nutritional Guidance

Tailor made synergetic nutritional and herbal programs.

Individually tailored nutritional programs and herbal protocols for couples and families who want to re-educate, upgrade and enhance their dietary lifestyle.

Couples and Family consultation takes place in-person in Præstø, via Zoom or by Skype.

The initial consultation, Couples/Families:
2 persons, 90 minutes: € 345
3 persons, 90 minutes: € 445
4 persons, 90 minutes: € 545
5 persons, 120 minutes: € 675

Subsequent consultation, 50 minutes:
€ 100

Further support, questions, etc. via E-mail/Zoom/Skype, per 20 minutes:
€ 35

The initial consultation includes; analysis of Suikido holistic health questionnaire, identification of problem areas, an individually tailored nutritional and herbal program, and the personal couple/family consultation.