Indvidual teaching, coaching, treatment, and counselling in a specific facet of Suikido.

One-to-One teaching, coaching, treatment, and counselling is for individuals, couples, families and smaller groups that seek out one specific facet of Suikido.

In this context people come to us for:


  • Authentic Bujutsu Karate training
  • Fused Martial Arts practice
  • Sui Qi Gong practice
  • Yogic Flow Art practice
  • Animalistic athleticism & natural movement
  • Specialized advanced yogic training
  • Athletic optimization
  • Performance enhancement
  • Elite martial arts training and coaching


  • Body treatment & re-balancing therapy
  • Holistic physiotherapy & whole-body assessment
  • Therapeutic movement & curative exercise
  • Rehabilitation & injury prevention


  • Plant based nutritional counselling
  • Herbal counselling
  • Yin-Yang nutritional therapy
  • Educational hands-on cooking lessons


  • Naturalistic detoxification
  • Sauna purification protocols
  • Balanced intermittent fasting
  • Liquid nutrition & remineralization

The duration, content, price, etc. for One-to-One is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

You initiate One-to-One teaching, training, treatment, counselling by sending us Your personal request(s).

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