Suikido Treatment

Welcome to this page about the synergistic body treatment, rehabilitation, and re-balancing system of Suikido.

The interdisciplinary holistic treatment approach of Suikido combines Oriental healing arts, restorative stretching and mobilization therapy with modern treatment principles, physiotherapy, whole body movement and therapeutic exercise. 

We recognize and understand that the body expresses itself through interconnectivity; and that conditions and phenomena are not isolated events – they reflect and mirror the state of the Whole.

Four Essentials

These four principles are complementary and intertwine during a treatment session

Suikido Flow Treatment

Whole body treatment that encourages energy flow, deep circulation, freedom of motion, balance, and interconnectivity throughout the body.

Suikido Deep Tissue Therapy

Specialized tissue therapeutic approach and treatment, that targets specific problematic areas, tensions, injuries, trauma.

Suikido Stretching & Mobilization Therapy

Dynamic stretching, mobilization, and release techniques that stimulate whole body movement, joint functionality, and overall suppleness.

Suikido Exercise & Movement Therapy

Movement therapeutic exercises that promote kinesthetic awareness, neuromuscular communication, plasticity, core stability, cohesiveness, and balance of muscle strength and muscle relaxation.

The Treatment System

Suikido Body Balancing is a dynamic tissue therapeutic body treatment and whole-body re-balancing system.

Suikido healing arts combines advanced knowledge of the body-in-motion; applied anatomy and bio-mechanics with an in-depth understanding of the body as a living, dynamic, interconnected whole.

We work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome people; from sedentary office workers to elite and professional athletes.

The Individual Session

We utilize an expansive range of specialized tissue therapeutic techniques, dynamic mobilization therapy, restorative stretching, movement, and exercise to promote balance, flow, and responsiveness throughout the body. This stimulates and assists the innate self-corrective, self-healing capacity of the body.

A body balancing treatment session is performed on the floor lying on a futon mattress; wearing comfortable, loose, and/or stretchable clothes.

The Suikido therapist utilizes his or her feet, hands, elbows, and knees to treat and assist the body.

The duration of a Suikido body treatment and re-balancing session is 60 minutes.



Wholistic treatment and synergetic rehabilitation after sports injuries – be it longterm injury, acute injury or over use injury.

Suikido’s integrated programs take a multi-disciplinary approach in the treatment, recovery, and prevention of injury.

We utilize a combination of physio therapeutic examination, bio-mechanical evaluation, deep tissue whole body treatment, specific tissue therapeutic modalities, pinpointed functional exercises, restorative and dynamic movement therapy, together with dietary, herbal, anti-inflammatory, and cleansing protocols.

Synergistic rehabilitation curricula aims to eliminate pain, promote optimal healing, enhance tissue quality, secure safe progression; and assists the athlete to regain the desired level of performance.

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

Bespoke Programs

A bespoke program is a customized course of events that implement and combine any of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices in order to meet the specific needs of the individual, couple, family, group, business.

Individually tailored programs cover a wide range of purposes and can be targeted towards rehabilitation, rejuvenation, vitalization, optimization, athletic performance, lifestyle transformation, etc.

Suikido body treatment and re-balancing therapy can be integrated into a bespoke program in combination with movement, nutritional, herbal and/or purification protocols.

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

Mentorship Training

We train and educate small scale groups of selected apprentices in the body treatment and re-balancing system of Suikido.

We accept 4-8 qualified candidates for a 1000 hour Mentorship Training Program at Suikido Dojo in the south of Portugal.

We intentionally work small-scale to ensure that the foundation and essential knowledge of our treatment craft is taught and passed on directly from teacher to student.

The residential training program takes place over 18 months and is divided into 3 modules; 2 modules of 4 weeks and a final module of 2 weeks.

Upon completion succesful candidates officially become certified Suikido Body Balancing Therapists.

Certified Suikido practitioners are further trained and re-examined once a year to secure high standards, continuous advancement, and refinement of their treatment craft.

The next Suikido Body Balancing Mentorship Training Program will commence autumn 2019.

We accept application year round.