Suikido Herbal Practice

Our herbal expertise is founded in two decades of personal, professional, and empirical experience with taoist herbal science, chinese medicine, ayurvedic herbalism, western herbs, and synergetic herbology.

We have studied, practiced, fused and distilled the ancient time-tested knowledge of the Eastern dietary and herbal wisdom traditions with 21st century nutritional and herbal science.

The essence of Suikido herbology is to invoke an integrated and planet friendly way of life, and to communicate the inseparable intimate connection between what we eat and how we feel, think, perceive, relate, and act.

Three Essentials

These three principles intertwine and work in synergy. They are applied and combined in a multitude of ways to meet the specific needs and/or challenges of the individual.

Herbal Nutrition

Integration of edible herbs and spices. With their nutritional density and therapeutic properties herbs and spices has served as guardians of wholesomeness for millennia.

Adaptogenic & Tonifying Herbalism

Adaptogenic and tonic herbs are a form of advanced plant nutrition that stimulates the body’s innate capacity to heal, vitalize, balance, and transform. In synergy with a wholesome diet these herbs are integrated on a daily basis to promote deeper levels of resilience, clarity, inner strength, and harmony.

Therapeutic Herbology

Medicinal and therapeutic herbs are more pinpointed and specialized in their properties and therapeutic effect. These herbs are applied in a concise manner to address specific imbalances. Suikido therapeutic herbology is always complimented and supported by a therapeutic dietary program.

Individual Consultation

The initial consultation includes thorough analysis of your health questionnaire, cohesive understanding of your overall health and your elemental constitution; preparation of your personal diet and herbal plan; and the consultation itself.

Consultation takes place face-to-face at Suikido Dojo, Monchique, Portugal or can be arranged via Zoom or Skype.

First consultation, 90 minutes:
DKK 1.800,- / € 250,-

Subsequent consultation, 50 minutes:
DKK 750,- / € 100,-

E-mail/Zoom/Skype, per 15 minutes:
DKK 250,- / € 35,-

CONNECT with us to schedule an individual consultation.

Families & Couples

We provide nutritional counseling and support for couples and families who want to upgrade their understanding of nutrition and hence transform their dietary and nutritional habits.

Consultation takes place face-to-face at Suikido Dojo in Monchique Portugal or can be arranged via Zoom or Skype.

This program includes thorough analysis and cohesive understanding of the health and elemental constitution of each family member; preparation of a tailor made dietary and herbal plan that meets the nutritional and health related needs of each individual; and the consultation itself.

First consultation:
Price for the first family/couple consultation is set according to the individual request.

Subsequent consultation, 50 minutes:
DKK 750,- / € 100,-

E-mail/Zoom/Skype, per 15 minutes:
DKK 250,- / € 35,-

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Suikido Retreat Retreat Kitchen

Nutritious and wholesome plant-based whole food is the dietary and nutritional foundation at Suikido Dojo.

Our kitchen prepares home-made, hearty meals, made in-joy, with care, and no stress. We use only 100% organic ingredients and heirloom fresh produce from our own garden and/or from the local farmers in the area.

The meals and herbal formulas are meticulously designed to support the training and process at hand; be it for a seasonal retreat, bespoke program, athletic optimization, a personal healing retreat, etc.