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Purification Sweat Lodge

Purification Communion Interconnectedness

December 31st 2019
Suikido Dojo, Algarve, Portugal


  • Mother Earth
  • Fire Element
  • Water Element
  • Traditional Herbs
  • Cleansing
  • Healing
  • Intent
  • Gratitude
  • Interrelation

The purification ceremony takes place through four sweating rounds with each their specific focus. Inside the Lodge we use traditional herbs and pour water onto the hot stones. In-between rounds we exit the Lodge.

Rhythm for the Ceremony

  • Starting the fire and heating the stones
  • Preparing the lodge
  • Purification Ceremony
  • Dinner

The ceremony will begin by igniting the fire at around 14:00. From here we follow the flow of the fire and we enter the Lodge when the stones are ready.

The Ceremony is concluded with a dinner.


  • The sweat lodge ceremony is by donation. Suggested donation €50,-
  • You can also contribute with firewood and/or give some hours of your time working here on the land.

When contributing to the sweat lodge; have in mind the use of wood and stones needed for each ceremony.

More importantly; bear in mind that the Carrier of the Lodge, the Medicine Man has undertaken more than 10 years of training and practice to be able to facilitate these Purification Ceremonies.

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