Weekly Master Classes at

Suikido Dojo 水氣道 道場 

Winter Season January to March 2019
Bujutsu Martial Art & Yogic Flow Art

Four times a year we teach master class courses in the Martial Art and Yogic Flow Art of Suikido.

The master classes run from January-March (winter), April-June (spring), July-September (summer), October-December (autumn). Each seasonal course consists of 12 cohesive classes.

Suikido Dojo Winter Schedule 2019

Authentic Source Bujutsu Karate 武術 空手
Suikido Fused Martial Art 水氣道 武術
January 9th to March 27th
Wednesdays from 09:00 to 11:00.

All Levels.

Original Yogic Movement Science
Suikido Yogic Flow Art 水氣道 動静術
January 12th to March 30th
Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:00.
All Levels.

It is recommended that you join the winter course(s) in full.
Drop-in participation is possible, but not endorsed.

Master Class Rates

Suikido Bujutsu Martial Art course, 12 master classes: € 180,-
Suikido Yogic Flow Art course, 12 master classes: € 180,-
Single drop-in class: € 25,-