Movement Arts of Suikido

The five movement disciplines of Suikido:

  • Bujutsu Combat Karate
  • Fused Martial Art
  • Yogic Flow Art
  • Sui Qi Gong
  • Animalistic Athleticism

The movement arts of Suikido are complete practices within themselves but equally act as a foundation for all other forms of movement; be it running, ball games, strength training, cross-training, fitness, athletics, gymnastics, yoga, classical ballet, contemporary dance, tai chi, qi gong, traditional martial arts, mixed martial arts, combative sports, etc.

The practices address people from all ways and walks of life; from health challenged people to vibrantly wholesome individuals; from sedentary office workers to movement enthusiasts, elite practitioners, and professional athletes; and most significantly the disciplines can act as a bridge into progressive practice beyond idea, notion, concept, and perception of degree, title, status, personal performance, ambition, and achievement.

Bujutsu Combat Karate

Karate-Dō ● Budō ● Bujutsu Spirit

This martial art is in the lineage of J. Bura Shihan and Masahiko Tanaka Shihan. The Bujutsu Karate 武術空手 of Suikido is concurrently an expression in honour of this linage and a progression beyond.

The word Bujutsu is composed of the two Japanese kanji; Bu and術  Jutsu. Bu translates as warrior/chivalry and Jutsu translates as art/technique.

Bujutsu specifically refers to martial arts for real life defence, combat, and battlefield situations – an Art that was developed, practiced, and perfected by the samurai warriors of Japan consecutively throughout a millennium.

Budō 武道 is of a later development and denotes martial arts not only as a fighting art but equally as a process of internal refinement and a spiritual approach to the practice of martial arts.

The combat Karate of Suikido is both Bujutsu and Budō and can thus be defined as a realistic, spiritual, pragmatic warrior art.

The practice has no resemblance to the sports oriented, skin touch, point based Karate of today; neither does it follow the tradition of wearing a specific uniform, earning belts, degrees, titles.

Suikido concerns itself only with the substance, depth, and quality of the martial practice itself.

The practice addresses everyone, any style, and covers all levels; from beginners, intermediate, advanced, and blackbelts to elite, professionals, and adepts; from traditional budo ka’s to grapplers, kick boxers, muay thai practitioners, mixed martial artists, shaolin monks, and wudang warrior priests.

authentic karate
authentic advanced martial art

Fused Martial Art

Synergy ● Body Kinetics ● Martial Technology

The Fused Martial Art of Suikido is an innovative, non-style specific, non-style limited martial practice.

Suikido is structured through basic and technical exercises; forms and shadow movement; heavy bag training, pads, and mitts work; fight specific calisthenics, athletic movement, and dynamic martial-yogic exercises; partner drills, structured sparring, technical sparring, and free instinctual sparring.

The practice has its foundation in whole-body synergy and kinetic flow; movement optimization and technical refinement; defensive and combative advancement; and in the progression of the straightforward, unpredictable, instinctive.

Suikido fused martial art addresses everyone and covers all levels.

Yogic Flow Art 

Spiral Energetics ● Interconnectivity ● Wholeness

Suikido Yogic Flow Art is a multi-faceted synergistic movement practice.

Suikido reflects the inclusive language of universal principles and natural laws as they relate to the living organic body and energy-in-motion.

The yogic flow art of Suikido covers all levels and addresses people from all walks and ways of life, such as; sedentary office workers, salesmen, business people, lawyers, stock brokers, brick layers, plumbers, electricians, builders, engineers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physicians, alternative health care practitioners, musicians, singers, actors, directors, artists, movement enthusiasts, elite practitioners, professional athletes, sportspeople, gymnasts, dancers, martial artists, tai chi/qi gong practitioners, yogis/yoginis.

Original dynamic yoga practice

Sui Qi Gong

Softness ● Fluidity ● Internal Strength

Sui Qi Gong 水氣功 is a flowing meditative movement practice.

Sui means water, Qi means breath/life-force, and Gong means the act of practicing.  

The practice unfolds and expresses itself through a multitude of exercises, forms, and movement sequences. All movements are performed in an organic flow wherein one form naturally connects and leads to the next.

Sui Qi Gong addresses everyone and covers all levels.

Animalistic Athleticism

Naturalistic ● Intrinsic ● Dynamic

The Animalistic Athletic movement approach of Suikido utilizes an extensive range of versatile, adaptable, creative, dynamic whole-body movements, exercises, and calisthenics. 

Lying, creeping, crawling, sitting, standing, running, leaping, limber, slow, rapid, explosive, fluid, hard, soft, infolding, unfolding, pulling, pushing, expansive, contractive, centring, elongating, rolling, coiling, spiralling, rotating, wavy, pulsating, circular, natural, instinctual, intuitive movements are all essential components within the animalistic flow practice of Suikido.

The practice covers all levels and addresses everyone that is enthusiastic about exploring the vast world of body, movement, and energy-in-motion.

Animalistic athletic movement practice



During our four seasonal retreats; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter we teach the original Movement Arts of Suikido.

The primary movement emphasis during these retreats is upon teaching the restorative and rejuvenating Yogic Flow Science of Suikido.

Personal Training

By request we teach individually tailored one-to-one and small-scale group sessions and master classes in Suikido Martial Arts, Sui Qi Gong, Suikido Yogic Flow Arts, and Naturalistic Flow Movement.

Suikido Movement Arts target an extensive range of purposes from healing, recovery, and rehabilitation to purification, re-balancing, and fortification.

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. is set individually and designed in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand. 

Athletic Optimization

By request we teach, guide, and educated sportspeople and athletes in interdisciplinary and synergetic ways to optimize and enhance movement abilities and performance level.

We work with athletes, dancers, martial artists, dancers, yogis, and other movers at any level; from beginners, experienced, and advanced; to elite, professionals, and adepts.

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. is set individually and designed in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand. 

Mentorship Training

Mentorship Teacher Training and Long-term Apprenticeship for non-ordinary dedicated individuals that purposefully seek out the in-depth original Movement Arts of Suikido.

Aspiring trainees and apprentices are evaluated and selected through a three-step process; written application, interview in person, physical-energetic testing.

We accept applications year-round.