Suikido Movement Arts

Universal Practices & Principles for Man, Body & Energy-in-Motion

Core Movement Disciplines of Suikido

  • Yogic Art

  • Bujutsu Karate

  • Fused Martial Art

  • Intrinsic Flow Art

Suikido support and bridge all forms of movement; be it running, strength training, cross fitness, athletics, outdoor sports, gymnastics, yoga, tai chi, dance, traditional martial arts and modern combative sport.

How you practice Suikido Movements Arts

We pass on the Movement arts of Suikido by way of seasonal retreats, personal bespoke retreats, one-to-one sessions, and through mentorship training.

Bujutsu Karate

Karate-Dō ● Budō ● Bujutsu Spirit

A Martial tradition in the lineage of Grandmasters Mr. J. Bura and Mr. Masahiko Tanaka. The Bujutsu Karate 武術空手 of Suikido is concurrently an expression in honour of this linage and a progression beyond.

Core Principles

  • Kihon – Foundation
  • Kata – Refinement
  • Kumite – Application


  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Zeal

The practice addresses everyone, any style, and covers all levels; from beginners, intermediate, advanced, and blackbelts to elite, professionals, and adepts; from traditional budo ka’s to grapplers, kick boxers, muay thai practitioners, mixed martial artists, shaolin monks, and wudang warrior priests.

authentic karate
authentic advanced martial art

Suikido Fused Martial Art

Synergy ● Merging ● Martial Technology

An innovative, non-style specific, non-style limited martial practice.

Core Principles

  • Movement fluidity
  • Kinetic power
  • Whole-body synergy
  • Technical refinement
  • Combative advancement


  • Natural
  • Adaptable
  • Instinctual

The Fused Martial Art of Suikido addresses everyone and covers all levels.

Suikido Yogic Art 

Spiral Energetics ● Fusion ● Dynamics

A multi-faceted, multi-layered flow practice that unifies the quality essence of martial art, qi gong, yoga, and dance.

Core Principles

  • Elasticity
  • Suppleness
  • Core stability
  • Interconnectivity
  • Energy flow
  • Freedom of motion


  • Meditative
  • Fluid
  • Deep

The yogic flow art of Suikido covers all levels and addresses people from all walks and ways of life, be it; sedentary office workers, business people, lawyers, builders, engineers, osteopaths, physicians, musicians, actors, artists, movement enthusiasts, elite practitioners, professional athletes, gymnasts, dancers, martial artists, meditators, yogis/yoginis.

Original dynamic yoga practice
Animalistic athletic movement practice

Suikido Intrinsic Flow Art

Ingenuity ● Agility ● Versatility

An instinctual and creative whole-body movement approach.

Core Principles

  • Original movement
  • Multi directional
  • Responsivity
  • Changeability
  • Diversity


  • Raw
  • Intuitive
  • Explorative

The practice addresses everyone that is enthusiastic about exploring the vast world of body, movement, and energy-in-motion.