Suikido Movement Arts

The original interdisciplinary practices of Suikido combines authentic source martial, yogic, taoist, and natural movement arts with 21st century movement science and physical training protocols.

Lying, creeping, crawling, sitting, standing, moving, jumping, running, leaping, limber, slow, rapid, explosive, flowing, hard, soft, infolding, unfolding, pulling, pushing, expansive, contractive, lengthening, centring, elongating, rolling, coiling, spiralling, rotating, wavy, pulsating, circular, natural, intuitive movements are all essential components of Suikido.

There are two essential movement disciplines within Suikido, an original flow art: SUIKIDO DOUSEI JUTSU 水気道 動静 and a fused martial art: SUIKIDO BUJUTSU 水気道 武術

Suikido Flow Art

Suikido Dousei Jutsu 水気動静

Martial • Yogic • Taoist • Meditative
Artistic • Athletic • Instinctive • Therapeutic

SUIKIDO DOUSEI JUTSU 水気道 動静 is an original interdisciplinary movement practice.

The Kanji Dousei literally means Movement & Stillness and Jutsu translates as technique, method, skill, and/or Art.

Suikido Flow Art has its basis in movement fluidity, suppleness, interconnectivity, and whole-body coordination; and in the development of inner flow, naturalness, and freedom-of-motion.

The practice unfolds through a multitude of movement sequences that progressively advance in form, range, and complexity. The sequences are performed in a flow wherein one movement naturally connects and leads to the next.

Suikido Flow Art is multifaceted and encompasses a versatile range of movement qualities; martial, yogic, limber, natural, energetic, athletic, meditative, artistic, instinctual, tissue therapeutic.

The practice acts as a foundation for all other forms of movement; be it running, ball games, strength training, martial arts, combative sports, athletics, gymnastics, classical ballet, contemporary dance, tai chi, yoga, etc.

Suikido Flow Art addresses all; from beginners to advanced, experts, and adepts; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome people; from sedentary office workers to elite and professional athletes.

Suikido Martial Art

Suikido Bujutsu 水気道 武術

Body Kinetics • Synergy • Fusion
Fight Technology • Bujutsu Spirit

SUIKIDO BUJUTSU 水気道 武術  is an innovative, non-style specific, non-style limited, fused Martial Art.

Bujutsu 武術 refers to Martial Arts for real life and battlefield situations, whereas Budo 武道 denotes a process of self-refinement and a spiritual approach to Martial Arts. Suikido is both Bujutsu and Budo; hence Suikido Bujutsu is a realistic, spiritual, pragmatic warrior art.

Suikido Bujutsu has its foundation in the development of whole-body coordination, synergy, and kinetic force; movement optimization and technical refinement; defensive and combative advancement; and in the progression of the straightforward, unpredictable, instinctual.

The practice progresses through basic and technical exercises, forms, shadow boxing, heavy bag training, focus mitts, pad work, fight specific calisthenics, partner drills, structured sparring, technical sparring, and free instinctual sparring.

Suikido includes punches, strikes, elbows, kicks, knees, blocks, evasions, sweeps, take-downs, throws, joint-locks, submissions.

The practice is neither a sports oriented competitive martial art nor a traditional style with uniform, degrees, and belts. Suikido stands alone and represents an advanced, realistic, flow-based fight technology.

Suikido Bujutsu 水気道 武術 covers all levels; from beginners to advanced, blackbelts, professional martial athletes, and warrior monks.

Retreats &

Guest Teaching

Open Courses

Throughout the year we teach a limited number of open retreats and seminars. The open schedule consists of a Spring Retreat; a Summer Retreat; an Autumn Retreat; and a Winter Retreat. During the winter months of November through to March we conduct Purification Lodges.

You can find information about our scheduled retreats by following the link below.

Private retreats, seminars, and workshops are arranged by request.

Guest Teaching

Upon request and invitation we lead out-of-the-house workshops, courses, intensives, seminars, retreats, and educational training in any facet of Suikido Movement Arts.

Individual Sessions

One-to-one sessions and individually tailored bespoke programs.

One-to-One Sessions, Personal Training, Guidance:

Suikido Flow Art
Suikido Bujutsu

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. for private training is set individually and designed in accordance with the request at hand. 

Bespoke programs:

A bespoke program is a customized course of events that implement and combine any of Suikido’s interdisciplinary synergistic practices to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the individual.

Suikido Movement Arts can be integrated into a bespoke program in combination with body treatment, nutritional, herbal and/or purification protocols.

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. for a bespoke program is set individually and designed in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

Mentorship Training

Small-scale groups of Suikido Yogic Flow Art apprentices.

We accept and train 4-8 qualified candidates for a 500 hour Suikido Yogic Flow Art Mentorship Teacher Training Program.

The teacher training program is divided into 3 modules; two modules of 16 days and a final module of 9 days.

During this residential training program we teach and transmit the essence and foundation of Suikido Yogic Flow Art. We deliberately and purposefully work small-scale to ensure that the essential knowledge is taught and passed on directly from mentor-to-student.

Upon completion, successful candidates officially become certified Suikido Yogic Flow Art Teachers.

Certified Suikido Yogic Flow Art teachers are supervised and re-examined each year to ensure professional integrity, proficiency, and continuous advancement.

Suikido Yogic Flow Art Mentorship Training Program will commence autumn 2019 – Learn More

We accept applications year round.

Athletic Optimization

Bespoke programs for sports people, athletes, martial artists, fighters, dancers, gymnasts, yogis, etc.

Suikido takes a multidisciplinary synergistic approach to the process of developing and refining physical capacity, performance, energy level, focus, centredness, etc.

We utilize a combination of advanced movement and versatile physical training principles; flexibility and mobilization therapies; dietary, herbal, and purification protocols.

The aim of our programs is to improve the strength and elasticity of muscles, tendons, and joints; refine neuro-muscular communication and interconnectivity; enhance movement kinetics, technique, and whole-body coordination; improve restitution and overall vitality; and to promote inner stability and develop the mental capacity of the practitioner/athlete.

Duration, frequency, content, price, etc. is set individually and designed in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.