Suikido Body Balancing

Welcome to our page about the body treatment, rehabilitation and re-balancing system of Suikido.

Our hands-on knowledge and expertise is anchored in two decades of in-depth personal, professional, empirical experience and practice.

The specialized holistic approach of Suikido combines Eastern healing modalities, restorative yogic stretching and mobilization therapy with curative flow movement and physio therapeutic practices.

We recognize and understand that the body expresses itself through interconnectivity; and that conditions and phenomena are not isolated events – they reflect and mirror the state of the Whole.

Four Essentials

These four principles are complementary and intertwine during a treatment session

Suikido Flow Treatment

Whole body treatment that encourages energy flow, freedom of motion, balance, and interconnectivity throughout the body.

Suikido Deep Tissue Therapy

Specialized tissue therapeutic approach and treatment, that targets specific problematic areas, tensions, injuries, trauma.

Suikido Stretching & Mobilization Therapy

Dynamic stretching, mobilization and release techniques that stimulate whole body movement, joint functionality, and overall suppleness.

Suikido Exercise & Movement Therapy

Movement therapeutic exercises that promote bodily sensitivity, kinesthetic awareness, neuromuscular communication, plasticity, and cohesion.

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