Suikido Yogic Flow Art

Teacher Training

500-Hour Authentic Mentorship
October 12th-27th 2019 – Module I of III
Algarve, South Portugal

From October 2019 to July 2020 we will train, educate and lead a group of no more than 10 dedicated individuals through a 500-hour authentic Mentorship Teacher Training Program in the Yogic Flow Art of Suikido.

This teacher training program will be taught and guided directly by the creators and innovators of Suikido; Chris Valles and Anette Munch. The Teacher Training Program will take place in the Algarve region of South Portugal.

We exclusively work with small groups only to ensure that the core essence, authentic knowledge, and yogic movement science of Suikido is taught and passed on directly from mentor-to-student.

The 500-hour teacher training program consists of three intensive training modules; two modules of 16 days and a final module of 9 days.

Module I
October 12th-27th 2019
16-days of residential mentorship training.

Module II
February 8th-23rd 2020
16-days of residential mentorship training.

Module III
July 11th-19th 2020
Final 9-days of mentorship training, examination, and certification.

Mentorship Curriculum
The mentorship teacher training program is composed of 4 core units that encompass the essential aspects and foundational knowledge required to teach and convey the Flow Art of Suikido.

Suikido Yogic Flow Art

  • 48 Core Movements of Suikido
  • Progressions & Variations of the 48 Core Movements
  • Multi-purpose Application of the 48 Core Movements
  • Introduction into the Multitude Movement Qualities of Suikido

Movement Science of Suikido

  • Organic Flow & Inter-connectivity
  • Multifaceted Interwoven Movement
  • Spiral Energetics & The Science of Energy-in-Motion
  • Laws of the Anatomical Physiological Living Body

The Art-of-Teaching

  • Quintessential Teaching Principles of Suikido
  • Dynamics of Learning & Teaching
  • Fluidity, Progression & Adaptation
  • Dedication, Perseverance & The On-going Process of Integration

Universal Principles

  • The Original Body
  • Interconnection, Interrelation, Cohesion
  • Fusion, Synergy, Wholeness
  • The Never-Ending Motion within Life

Upon completion of the mentorship program, successful trainees officially become certified Suikido Yogic Flow Art Teachers at Foundational Level.

The Yogic Flow Science of Suikido has 4 certification levels:

  • Foundational Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Advanced Level I
  • Advanced Level II

Certification levels are not means-to-an-end in themselves. The true purpose of Suikido mentorship training is to serve as a spring board into deeper layers of understanding, skillfullness, and experiential knowledge through diligent on-going practice, study, and learning.

The Suikido teacher is expected to continuously develop and refine his/her proficiency in practicing, teaching, and communicating the Movement Science of Suikido.

Certified Suikido Yogic Flow Art teachers are further trained, supervised, and re-examined each year to uphold the original craftmanship, essence, and spirit of Suikido’s Flow Science; and to ensure professional integrity, right discernment, and steady advancement in the Art-of-Teaching.

Mutual Exchange
Our exchange

  • 500-hours of actual mentor-to-student training.
  • Master teaching directly from the creators of Suikido.
  • Specialized individual guidance.
  • Examination and certification.
  • The right to officially use the protected title of Suikido Yogic Flow Art Teacher.
  • The genuine skill and right to professionally teach and communicate the authentic source yogic movement art of Suikido.
  • 41-days of residential educational immersion.
  • Exclusive use of retreat facilities for the mentorship group.
  • Accommodation and 3 daily meals; 100% organic plant based whole foods, seasonal fruits, nuts, seeds, herbal teas, purified water, etc.

Your exchange

  • Commitment, dedication, sincerity.
  • Concentration, focus, attention.
  • Physical, mental, energetic presence.
  • € 6900,-

Aspiring trainees are evaluated and selected through a three-step process:

  • Written application
  • Interview and meeting in person
  • Body movement evaluation

We accept and evaluate written applications until May 31st 2019.

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