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Welcome to this page about the dietary, nutritional, and herbal practice of Suikido.

Suikido nutrition and herbology combines the ancient time-tested oriental dietary and herbal tradition with modern nutritional and phyto-therapeutic science.

The core of Suikido’s nutritional and herbal practice is to teach and communicate the inseparable connection between what we eat, how we feel, think, perceive, relate, and act.

Six Essentials

Plant Based Whole Foods

The foundation of our dietary and nutritional practice. A naturalistic approach to nutrition; communicating a diet of unaltered whole plant foods, in their natural state, as they come from the Earth.


The nutritional value, properties, and energetics of food. A diet that balances the qualities of Yin and Yang and includes the dynamics of lifestyle, society, environment, natural phenomena, and the symbiosis of micro and macro.

5 Element Food Therapy

A targeted nutritional therapeutic approach that addresses specific health challenges by promoting balance within the inner organ system and the body as a whole.

Herbal Nutrition

Integration of edible herbs and spices. With their nutritional density and therapeutic properties herbs and spices has served as guardians of wholesomeness for millennia.

Synergetic Herbalism

Adaptogenic and tonic herbs are a form of advanced plant nutrition that stimulates the body’s innate capacity to heal and vitalize. In synergy with a wholesome diet these herbs can be integrated on a daily basis to promote deeper levels of resilience and harmony.

Therapeutic Herbology

Medicinal and therapeutic herbs are more pinpointed and specialized in their properties and therapeutic effect. These herbs are applied in a concise manner to address specific imbalances. Suikido therapeutic herbology is always complimented and supported by a therapeutic dietary program.

These six principles intertwine and work in synergy. They are applied and combined in a multitude of ways to meet the specific needs and/or challenges of the individual.

Individual Consultation

Nutritional and herbal counseling and support for individuals.

The initial consultation includes analysis of Suikido health questionnaire, the innate constitution and overall state and health of the individual; a dietary, nutritional, and herbal plan, and the one-to-one consultation.

Consultation takes place in person at Suikido Dojo or can be arranged via Skype or Zoom.

The duration of the initial consultation is 75 minutes.

Subsequent consultation is 45 minutes.

Couples Families

Nutritional and herbal counseling and support for couples and families.

The initial consultation includes analysis of Suikido health questionnaire, the innate constitution and overall state and health of each individual/family member; a dietary, nutritional, and herbal plan, and the individual consultation. 

Consultation takes place in person at Suikido Dojo or can be arranged via Skype or Zoom. 

The duration of the initial couple/family consultation is 90 minutes.

Subsequent consultation is 50 minutes:

Cooking Courses

We teach and pass-on practical and in-depth experiential knowledge of how to prepare, cook and establish a whole food plant-based kitchen. Our teaching is hands-on, concrete, how-to-do.

The content and focus of a cooking course can be combined in a multitude of ways to cover a wide span of subjects, such as:

  • How to change your kitchen from flesh and dairy centered into plant-based.
  • Essential plant-based ingredients, kitchen utensils, and tools.
  • How to prepare simple, delicious, wholesome meals – the art of cooking plant-based. 
  • Optimal ways to prepare and cook whole grains, beans, legumes.
  • The everyday use and benefits of culinary herbs and spices. 
  • How to soak and prepare seeds and nuts.
  • How to ferment vegetables. 
  • How to grow fresh sprouts.
  • How to make live Kombucha.

Duration, content, price, etc. is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.

Suikido Dojo

Retreat Kitchen

Nutritious and wholesome plant-based whole food is the dietary and nutritional foundation at Suikido Dojo.

Our kitchen prepares home-made, hearty meals, made in-joy, with care, and no stress. We use only 100% organic ingredients and heirloom fresh produce from our own garden and/or from the local farmers in the area.

The meals are meticulously designed to support the training and process at hand; be it for a bespoke program, athletic optimization, a personal healing retreat, etc.

Nutritional Counselling

Individually tailored dietary and nutritional programs and herbal protocols.

Individually tailored dietary and herbal programs are formulated on the basis of a detailed Suikido health questionnaire. Analysis of the questionnaire clarifies eating habits, the state of the inner organ system, and the general overall health and condition of the individual.

From this analysis, a dietary, nutritional, and herbal plan of action is composed in accordance with the individual’s innate constitution, life circumstances, personal aspirations, and objectives.

We work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome people; from sedentary office workers to elite and professional athletes.

Applied Knowledge

Through two decades of working with plant sourced nutrition and herbal counseling, we have addressed, assisted, and guided in processes such as:

  • Transition from a flesh and dairy centered diet to a whole food plant based diet.
  • Optimizing an existing vegetarian / vegan diet.
  • Promoting excretion of accumulated toxins and non-food.
  • Rehabilitation and revitalization after injury or illness.
  • Treatment and healing of a wide variety of specific ailments and imbalances.
  • Enhancing vitality, creativity, and overall well-being.
  • Optimization of physical performance, resilience, and stamina.
  • Promotion of inner stability and psychological equilibrium.