Suikido Purification & Refinement

Welcome to this page about the foundational and essential purification, refinement, and hygienic practices and protocols of Suikido.

Throughout the years we have utilized and developed a broad spectrum of naturalistic approaches to support, stimulate, and enhance the body’s innate ability to purify, self-heal, and renew.

We teach and facilitate purification methods and practices such as:

Purification Lodge • Sauna Cleansing • Aroma Therapy • Self-Massage Techniques • Gua Sha Tissue Therapy • Restorative Stretching • Breath Release Therapy • Skin Cleansing Protocols

Purification Lodge

The Purification Lodge is a Native American Indian tradition that for centuries has been an important part of the Indigenous People’s culture and Earth-connected spirituality.

In the Native American tradition, the Inipi Sweat Lodge is a sacred space for cleansing, healing, intent, gratitude, and interrelation.

The purification ceremony takes place through four sweating rounds with each their specific focus. Inside the Lodge we use traditional herbs and pour water onto the hot stones. In-between rounds we exit the Lodge.

The essence of the Lodge is to honor and bring into focus the interrelated, interdependent, interconnected nature of Life.

Scheduled Lodges

During the winter months from November through to March we conduct Purification Lodges on full moon days. We may conduct more Lodges.

Open Purification Lodges are announced on JOIN and on our Facebook page SUIKIDO DOJO

Private Lodges can be arranged on request.

Sauna Cleansing

Sauna Cleansing combines purified water and therapeutic essential oils that are poured onto the sauna oven. We use only organic and pure essential oils of highest quality.

Sauna sessions may incorporate other protocols such as skin cleansing with raw apple cider vinegar, pink rock salt, Gua Sha tissue therapy, self-massage, restorative stretching, breath therapy, etc.

The Sauna Bath is an integrated part of the scheduled courses and retreats at Suikido Dojo.

Individually tailored cleansing and purification programs are arranged on request.

Gua Sha Tissue Therapy

Gua Sha is a tissue therapeutic technique that is performed by sliding and rubbing an instrument with smooth edges on the surface of the skin.

The technique is applied to stimulate various parts and systems of the body; the skin, the lymphatic system, the connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, muscle fascia, blood flow, etc.

Gua Sha originates from the Classical Chinese Healing Arts and can be translated as meaning: “scraping out wind” or “scraping out impurities”. In Taoist Medicine “Wind” refers to one of the six pernicious influences.

During Suikido Spring Retreat we use Gua Sha tissue therapy in conjunction with sauna and skin cleaning protocols.

Personal retreats, purification, and refinement protocols are arranged on request.

Synergetic Purification

Synergistic purification and refinement programs.

Specialized purification programs that integrate and combine Suikido flow movement, body treatment and re-balancing therapy, nutritional, and herbal protocols.

Purification and refinement programs are individually tailored to meet the needs, purposes, objectives, and aspirations of the individual, couple, family, group, etc.

Duration, content, price, etc. is set individually in accordance with the request/enquiry at hand.