Suikido Purification & Refinement

Throughout the years we have utilized and developed a broad spectrum of naturalistic approaches to support, stimulate, and enhance the body’s innate ability to purify, self-heal, and renew.

We teach and facilitate purification methods through 3 core practices:

  • Inipi Purification Lodge
  • Aromatherapeutic Sauna Cleansing
  • Synergistic Detoxification

Inipi Purification Lodge

Authentic Sweat Lodge. An ancient indigenous and native American Indian purification ceremony.


Core Principles

  • Fire

  • Heat

  • Steam

  • Healing

  • Intensity


  • The Four Directions

  • Earth, Man, Sky

  • The Web of Life

During the winter months from November through to March we conduct Purification Lodges on full moon days. We may conduct more Lodges.

Open Purification Lodges are announced on CALENDAR and on our Facebook page SUIKIDO DOJO

Private Lodges can be arranged on request.

Sauna Cleansing

Sauna Therapy. Aromatherapeutic sauna bath. Wood heated sauna oven and organic essential oils.

 Core Principles

  • Circulation

  • Transpiration

  • Respiratory release

  • Lymphatic stimulation

  • Neuromuscular relaxation


  • Restorative

  • Equilibrium

  • Tranquillity

Sauna sessions may incorporate other protocols such as natural skin cleansing, Gua Sha tissue therapy, self-massage, restorative stretching, breath therapy, etc.

The Sauna Bath is an integrated part of the SCHEDULED RETREATS at Suikido Dojo.

Individually tailored cleansing and purification programs are arranged ON REQUEST

Synergetic Purification

Bespoke and integrated detoxification and purification programs. Individually tailored combination of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices.

Core Principles

  • Movement

  • Body treatment

  • Plant-based nutrition

  • Herbal medicine

  • Sauna therapy

  • Inipi purification lodge


  • Synergy

  • Naturalistic

  • Individually tailored

Purification and refinement programs are individually tailored to meet the needs, purposes, objectives, and aspirations of the individual, couple, family, group, etc.

Duration, content, price, etc. is set individually in accordance with the REQUEST at hand.