The People Behind Suikido

Welcome to this page about the on-going practice, training, education, research, and experience that forms the foundation of Suikido.

Suikido Dojo is a dynamic practice, research, and integrated knowledge Centre in the Algarve Region, South Portugal.

Suikido is an integral part of the “Inner Peace Forest Retreat”; a small community, Eco-farm, and Earth-school project.

We have throughout our lives taught and worked with people from all walks and ways of life – from children and teens to adults and elderly; from beginners, advanced, and elite practitioners, to professional athletes, and warrior monks; from artists, actors, and musicians to alcohol and drug abusers; from cooperate executives, CEO’s, and Royalty to criminals and gang members.

We do not teach nor adhere to any particular theory, ideology, belief system, tradition, doctrine, philosophy, concept, methodology.

Our purpose is not to convince, entice, or seduce anybody into anything; nor are we here to promote a product or propagate a belief system.

Suikido is neither a product, a thing, nor a collection of beliefs.

Chris Valles

  • Creator of Suikido
  • Martial Yogic Adept 
  • Natural Intrinsic Mover
  • Body Treatment Therapist
  • Plant Based Nutritionist
  • Synergistic Herbalist
  • Keeper of the Purification Lodge

Anette Munch

  • Co-developer of Suikido
  • Flow Movement Educator
  • Holistic Body Worker
  • State Authorized Physiotherapist
  • PE Teacher in Sports & Health
  • Plant Based Nutritionist
  • Self-taught Plant Based Cook

Discipline is creative, open, dynamic; it is a stepping stone to freedom. Discipline is the ability to enter the unknown, to include that which exceeds the scope of our belief and habitual behavior – to engage in the only challenge that is worthwhile; the battle for awareness.


Synergistic ways to