People of Suikido

Our names are Chris and Anette.

We are practitioners, educators, innovators, and movement scientists dedicated to the research, evolution, and teaching of authentic Martial, Yogic, Meditative, Intrinsic Movement Arts; Holistic Healing, Body Treatment, Re-balancing, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation; Plant-Based Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy; Synergistic Herbology and Herbal Therapy; Naturalistic Purification, Detoxification, Re-vitalization.

From this life-time of training we have developed an interdisciplinary holistic body-of-knowledge which we have named Suikido.

The prime focus of our work is to teach, educate, and counsel individuals and groups that purposefully seek out the practices of Suikido. We facilitate this central work in the form of bespoke retreats, educational retreats, one-to-one, and through mentorship training.

Other than this we teach and facilitate a limited number of open retreats, workshops, seminars, training.

We welcome and work with people from all walks and ways of life.

Chris Valles
Developer of Suikido

Anette Munch
Co-developer of Suikido

Louis Dyer
Visionary Artist & Designer

Suikido Dojo
Monchique, Algarve, Portugal