People of Suikido

Our names are Chris and Anette.

We are in-depth practitioners, researchers, and teachers in the fields of martial, yogic, taoist, and natural movement arts; holistic healing arts; plant sourced nutrition; synergistic herbology; indigenous and naturalistic purification practices.

From this lifetime of experiential knowledge, a fused synergistic practice has formed which we have named Suikido.

The purpose of Suikido is not to convince, persuade, motivate, charm, tempt, entice, or seduce anybody into anything; we are not here to promote a product or a propagate a thing.

Suikido is neither a product, nor a thing. 

We teach and communicate authentic skill and genuine knowledge earned through a lifetime of diligent practice, research, first-hand experience, and practical application.

We work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome people; from sedentary office workers to elite and professional athletes.

Chris Valles
Creator of Suikido

Anette Munch
Co-creator of Suikido

Applied Knowledge