To the digital portal of Suikido.

Suikido 水気道 is an interdisciplinary eclectic body-of-knowledge that encompass movement, healing, nutrition, herbology, naturalistic detoxification, and purification.

It signifies the synergy of fusion and epitomizes a coming-together of universal principles, ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge holistic practices.

Within all facets of Suikido there are essentially two distinct kinds of knowledge; an “outer” physical and an “inner” energetic.

In practice there is no separation, everything overlaps and intertwine.

The name Suikido consists of the 3 Japanese characters 水 (Sui), 気 (Ki), 道 (Do).

水 Sui
means water and reflects a quality of suppleness and fluidity

気 Ki
means life-force and refers to the dynamics of energy-in-motion

means a path and denotes a process of holistic integration

Essence of Suikido

Leave all knowledge and headucation at home
Learning entails entering the unknown
Skillfullness is a continuous process
There is no such thing as ordinary
Everything taught is vital
Imitation and repetition is not learning
Be attentive, vigilant, and self-driven
Time has ceased – every act is your last act

Seal of Suikido

We do not teach nor adhere to any idea, theory, concept, methodology, doctrine, tradition, ideology, canon, scripture, philosophy, lineage, ism, belief system, or any other man-made, man-centered mental, intellectual, psychological, spiritual fabrications.

Nor do we contemplate upon, refer to, narrate, quote, recite or parrot obsolete dogma, quasi words-of-wisdom, new age spirituality, second-hand book knowledge, self-development clichés, or any other related platitudes.

The purpose of Suikido is not to convince, persuade, motivate, charm, tempt, entice, or seduce anybody into anything; nor are we here to promote a product or propagate a thing.

Suikido is neither a product or a thing.

We teach and communicate authentic skill and genuine knowledge earned through a lifetime of dedicated in-depth practice, first-hand experience, and real-life application.

Applied Knowledge

How We Work

We teach four annual retreats; spring, summer, autumn, winter. During the winter months November through to March we conduct purification sweat lodges.

The main focus of our teaching is to work with individuals and private groups that purposefully seek out the in-depth practices and authentic knowledge of Suikido.

Thus, we primarily teach and communicate the Ways of Suikido through individually tailored retreats and bespoke programs on request.

Bespoke programs implement and combine any of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices to meet the specific need and aspiration of the individual or group.

Individually tailored programs target an extensive range of purposes from personal healing, rehabilitation, rejuvenation and lifestyle transformation to detoxification, vitalization, performance enhancement, and athletic optimization.

Find Us

Suikido Dojo is a 21st century movement temple; a holistic healing retreat and center of applied integrated knowledge located in the mountains of Monchique in the Algarve Region of South Portugal.

We work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome people; from sedentary office workers to elite and professional athletes.