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To the universal movement science, healing practices, and holistic ways of Suikido.

Suikido 水氣道 is an interdisciplinary pragmatic body-of-knowledge that encompass Martial, Yogic, Meditative, and Natural Flow Movement Arts; Body Treatment and Re-balancing Therapy; Plant-based Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy; Synergistic Herbology and Herbal Therapy; Naturalistic Purification, Detoxification, Re-vitalization. 

Suikido signifies a process, an innovation, a distillation – a bringing together of timeless principles, universal movement science, ancient wisdom, and 21st century holistic healing practices.

Within all facets of Suikido there is two distinct kinds of applied knowledge, an outer-physical and an inner-energetic.

In practice nothing is separate; everything interconnect, intertwine.

Sui Ki Do

The name Suikido consists of the three Japanese kanji; 水 (Sui), 氣 (Ki), 道 (Do).

means water and reflects a quality of suppleness and fluidity

氣 Ki
means life-force/breath and refers to the dynamics of energy-in-motion

means a path/way and denotes a process of holistic integration

Thus, Suikido represents a pragmatic path of interconnected ways that create fluidity, suppleness, and elasticity; breath, flow, and dynamics. 

Origin of Suikido

From a Realm of Exquisite Beauty, Organic Intelligence, Sentient Consciousness, and Being; the Original Pristine Earth lives and shines forth in all Its splendor.

This Primordial Celestial Body flows and communicates through the diverse multi-layered landscape of the Natural World.

It expresses Itself through a Motion of Endless Creativity, a language of Originality; Its essence is that of Life becoming, Life unfolding.

This is the Origin of Suikido.

Seal of Suikido

Suikido is an original seed, a living flower. Being of the wild, it reflects the organic flow of Nature and intrinsic ways of Natural Law.

With its Origin in Natural Being, Suikido does not adhere to man-made belief systems, ideologies, doctrines, traditions, isms, or methodologies; nor does it abide by mental, intellectual, philosophical, spiritual constructs of the Mind.

The purpose of Suikido is not to convince, persuade, motivate, charm, tempt, entice, or seduce anybody into anything; nor is it here to promote a product or propagate a thing.

Suikido is neither a product or a thing.

Suikido signifies motion, a process; it is an expression of a life-time of diligent training, practice, research, and insight.

We teach and communicate what we have learned and continuously discover through this process; this is our dedication, our commitment.

This is the Seal of Suikido.

How We Work

Annual Retreats & Open Events

Annual Retreats & Open Events

Throughout the year we facilitate a limited number of retreats and events.

We teach four annual group retreats; spring, summer, autumn, winter. All retreats are exclusive, the number of participants is limited and Suikido Dojo will be reserved exclusively for any given retreat.

During the winter months from November through to April we conduct Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

We welcome people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome; from sedentary office workers to professional athletes.


Bespoke Retreats

Bespoke Retreats

A bespoke retreat implements and combines the interdisciplinary movement, treatment, nutritional, herbal, purification practices of Suikido.

Bespoke retreats are explicitly designed to meet the needs, objectives, aspirations of the individual, couple, group.

Individuals and small group retreat at Suikido Dojo for shorter or longer periods of time for purpuses such as recovery, rehabilitation, holistic healing, rejuvenation, re-vitalization, purification, detoxification, lifestyle transformation, athletic optimization, and performance enhancement.


Educational Retreats

Educational Retreats

Educational retreats are for people that want to study the movement-healing-nutritional-purification practices within Suikido more in-depth for the purpose of self-education.

During an educational retreat the fundamental principles and practical knowhow of any given discipline is taught and communicated in detail.

In this educational context, individuals, couples, groups retreat at Suikido Dojo short or long-term to practice, learn, and study.




One-to-One teaching, coaching, treatment, and counselling is for individuals, couples, families and smaller groups that seek out one specific facet of Suikido.

In this context people come to us for movement sessions, body treatment, nutritional advice, and for naturalistic purification.


Longterm Apprenticeship

Longterm Apprenticeship

In exceptional cases and synchronistic events, we accept, train, and lead non-ordinary, remarkably sincere, deeply dedicated, reality seeking individuals into the multi-faceted, multi-layered pragmatic ways of Suikido.

We see, recognize, and know the explicit ways and actions of original will, zest, and spirit pushing through from such rare individuals.

If such unlikely manifestation shows itself; apprenticeship will happen.


Find Us

Suikido Dojo is located in the mountains of Monchique in the Algarve Region of South Portugal.

It is the practice-space, Dojo, and abode of martial-yogic-meditative adept, naturopath, visionary, and developer of Suikido, Chris Valles; and of educator, co-creator, and Suikido adept, Anette Munch.

Suikido is a natural oasis where the organic diverse motions of life, the soil, the air, the light, the water, the sounds and rhythms of nature are the guiding principles.

Find us by joining one of our annual retreats or by coming here for a personal retreat.