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To the universal movement science, healing practices, and holistic ways of Suikido.

Suikido 水氣道 is an interdisciplinary pragmatic body-of-knowledge that encompass Martial, Yogic, Meditative, and Natural Flow Movement Arts; Body Treatment and Re-balancing Therapy; Plant-based Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy; Synergistic Herbology and Herbal Therapy; Naturalistic Purification, Detoxification, Re-vitalization. 

Suikido signifies an innovation, a distillation – a fusion of timeless principles, universal movement science, ancient wisdom, and 21st century holistic healing practices.

Within all facets of Suikido there is two distinct kinds of skill and knowledge, an outer-physical and an inner-energetic.

In practice nothing is separate; everything interconnect, intertwine.

Sui Ki Do

The name Suikido consists of the three Japanese kanji; 水 (Sui), 氣 (Ki), 道 (Do).

means water and reflects a quality of suppleness and fluidity

氣 Ki
means life-force/breath and refers to the dynamics of energy-in-motion

means a path/way and denotes a process of holistic integration

Thus, Suikido represents a pragmatic path of interconnected ways that create fluidity, suppleness, and elasticity; breath, flow, and dynamics. 


From a Realm of Pristine Naturalness, Organic Intelligence, and Sentient Being; the Original Innate Body lives and shines forth.

This Primordial Body communicates and reflects the Multi-layered Biodiverse Landscape of the Natural World – Life Itself.

It expresses Itself through a Motion of Endless Creativity, a language of Originality; Its essence is that of Life becoming.


Suikido is a process, an on-going unfoldment of a life-time of diligent in-depth training, practice, study, research. 

We teach and communicate what we have learned and continuously discover through this process; this is our dedication, our commitment.


How We Work

The prime focus of our work is to teach, educate, and counsel individuals and groups that seek out the practices of Suikido.

We facilitate this central work in the form of bespoke retreats, educational retreats, one-to-one, and through mentorship training.

You initiate a bespoke retreat, an educational retreat, or one-to-one by sending us a personal enquiry with your specific request(s).

Other that this we teach and facilitate open retreats, workshops, seminars, training. If any such training is scheduled it can be found on the CALENDAR

We welcome and work with people from all walks and ways of life.

Find Us

We reside in the Algarve region of South Portugal and in Denmark. This is where we teach, practice, and communicate the ways of Suikido.