To this page about the eclectic original practices of Suikido 水気道

Suikido is a multifaceted living body-of-knowledge and interdisciplinary synergistic practice of naturalistic ways to Move, Heal, Nourish, and Purify.

The name Suikido consists of the 3 characters;  (Sui), (Ki), (Do).

Sui denotes a quality of suppleness and fluidity

Ki represents the dynamics of energy and life-in-motion

Do reflects a path, a way, a process

About Suikido

Suikido signifies a fusion and coming-together of universal principles for man and energy-in-motion; body treatment and re-balancing therapy; plant sourced nutrition and synergistic herbology; integrated refinement and purification protocols. 

Within Suikido there is essentially two distinct kinds of applied knowledge; an “Outer” Physical and an “Inner” Energetic. 

In practice there is no separation; everything interconnect and intertwine.

Origin of Suikido

From a Realm of Exquisite Natural Beauty,

organic intelligence, sentient awareness,

and being; the Original Pristine Earth lives

and shines forth in all Its splendor.

This Primordial Celestial Body flows and

communicates through the diverse and

multilayered landscape of the Natural World.

It expresses itself through a Motion of Endless

Creativity, a language of Originality;

Its essence is that of Life becoming.

This is the Origin of Suikido.   

Seal of Suikido

There is no such thing as ordinary

Life unfolds in accordance with original nature

Skillfullness is a continuous process

Imitating is not learning

Repetition does not exist

Every act is the last act

There is no second chance

Life is sacred live as such

This is the Seal of Suikido.

Eclectic ways to

How We Work


Open Courses

Throughout the year we teach and facilitate a limited number of open workshops, courses, and retreats.


Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

Suikido Flow Art; Suikido Bujutsu; Suikido Body Balancing; Synergetic Rehabilitation; Plant Based Nutritional & Herbal Counseling; Purification Protocols.


Guest Teaching

Guest Teaching

Out-of-the-house workshops, intensives, seminars, retreats, educational training in the practices and principles of Suikido.


Bespoke Programs

Bespoke Programs

Individually tailored programs implement and combine any of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices. Bespoke programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the individual, couple, group.


Mentorship Training

Mentorship Training

We train small-scale groups of selected apprentices in the Movement Flow Art of Suikido and in Suikido Body Treatment & Re-balancing System.

Suikido Mentorship Training is hands-on, in-depth training where the essential skill and knowledge is transmitted directly from teacher to student.


Find Us

Suikido Dojo is a dynamic practice, research, and integrated knowledge Centre in the Algarve Region, South Portugal.

Suikido is an integral part of the “Inner Peace Forest Retreat”; a small community, Eco-farm, and Earth-school project.

We work with people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome people; from sedentary office workers to elite and professional athletes.

Humanity has left the magical realm of the unknown and the mysterious. Instead, Man has settled down in the comfortability of the known and predictable; actively ensuring the on-going creation of a habitual, robotic world of conformity and control. By way of this act, Man has intentionally shunned a life of exploration, feeling, intensity, depth.