Sui Ki Do

Universal Principles
Integrated Healing Arts
Intrinsic Movement Science



Suikido Movement Arts

Bujutsu Karate
Karate-Dō ● Budō ● Bujutsu Spirit
This Martial Art is in the lineage of J. Bura Shihan and Masahiko Tanaka Shihan. The Bujutsu Karate 武術空手 of Suikido is concurrently an expression in honour of this linage and a progression beyond.

Fused Martial Art
Synergy ● Body Kinetics ● Martial Technology
An original, innovative, non-style specific, non-style limited approach to the practice of martial arts.

Yogic Flow Arts
Spiral Energetics ● Suppleness ● Interconnectivity
Suikido Yogic Flow Art is a multi-faceted movement practice. The practice reflects the language of universal principles as they relate to the living organic body and energy-in-motion.

Sui Qi Gong
Softness ● Fluidity ● Internal Strength
Sui Qi Gong 水氣功 is a flowing meditative movement practice.

Animalistic Agility
Natural ● Intrinsic ● Dynamic
The Animalistic Agility movement approach of Suikido utilizes an extensive range of versatile, adaptable, creative, dynamic whole-body movements, exercises, and calisthenics.



Suikido Holistic Body Treatment 

Body Re-balancing Therapy
An original Suikido signature whole-body treatment and re-balancing system that encourages energy flow, freedom of motion, tissue balance, and cohesion throughout the body.

Oriental Massage Therapy
A dynamic integrative deep tissue massage system. This unique oil massage therapy combines Ayurvedic Kalari Chikitsa/Chavutti Thirumal, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu and Ashiatsu massage therapy.

Integrated Physio Therapy
A holistic physio-therapeutic methodology that encompass body examination and assessment; treatment, recovery, and prevention of injuries, imbalances, and pains.



Suikido Nutritional Practice & Guidance

Plant Based Whole Foods
The foundation of a wholesome and nutritious diet. A naturalistic approach to nutrition; a diet that consists of unprocessed, unaltered whole foods in their natural state.

Macrobiotic Nutritional Science
A dietary approach that is based on the principles of Yin and Yang. The science of Yin & Yang includes the nutritional value, density and energetics of foods; the constitution of the individual; the dynamics of lifestyle, society, environment, natural phenomena.

5-Element Nutritional Therapy
A targeted nutritional therapeutic approach to address specific health challenges. Prescription of an individually tailored medicinal diet that promotes balance within the inner organ system and the body as a whole.



Suikido Herbal Practice & Counselling

Herbal Nutrition
The art of integrating edible herbs and spices as everyday guardians of health.

Adaptogenic Herbalism
Adaptogenic and tonic herbs stimulate the body’s innate capacity to maintain homeostasis and adapt to the changing influences and dynamics of everyday life.

Therapeutic Herbology
Medicinal herbs are pinpointed and specialized in their properties and therapeutic effect. These herbs are applied in a concise manner to address specific imbalances and ailments.



Suikido Detoxification Practices

Inipi Purification Lodge
An authentic Native American sweat lodge ceremony that brings together the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air.

Sauna Therapy
An aromatherapeutic sauna bath where essential oils in water is poured onto the hot sauna oven. This creates a relaxing, purifying, therapeutic steam.

Synergistic Detoxification
Specialized holistic purification that combines one or more of Suikido’s interdisciplinary practices


Within all facets of Suikido there is two distinct kinds of applied knowledge, an outer-physical and an inner-energetic.

In practice nothing is separate; everything interconnect, intertwine.

Suikido signifies a process, a distillation; a bringing together of movement, treatment, nutrition, herbology, purification.


Art of Integration
Science of Natural Law
Guidance into Wholeness



Open Retreats & Events

Throughout the year we facilitate a limited number of retreats and events.

We teach four annual group retreats; spring, summer, autumn, winter. All retreats are exclusive, the number of participants is limited and Suikido Dojo will be reserved exclusively for any given retreat.

During the winter months from November through to April we conduct Purification Sweat Lodge Ceremonies.

We welcome people from all walks and ways of life; from health challenged individuals to vibrantly wholesome; from sedentary office workers to professional athletes.



Personal Bespoke Retreats

A bespoke retreat is an individually customized retreat; explicitly designed to meet the needs, objectives, aspirations of the individual, couple, group.

Individuals and small group retreat at Suikido Dojo for shorter or longer periods of time for personal purposes such as self-education, recovery, rehabilitation, holistic healing, rejuvenation, re-vitalization, detoxification, lifestyle transformation, athletic optimization, and performance enhancement.



One-to-One teaching, treatment, counselling

For the local people; Suikido Holistic Healing Centre is open for one-to-one teaching, coaching, treatment, and counselling.

In this context people come to us for movement sessions, body treatment, nutritional advice, and for naturalistic purification.



Mentorship Training 

We train and educate dedicated individuals in authentic Bujutsu Karate; Suikido Fused Martial Art; Suikido Yogic Flow Art; and in the Body Treatment & Re-balancing system of Suikido.

Suikido Mentorship Teacher Training Programs are taught directly by the creators and innovators of Suikido; Chris Valles and Anette Munch.

We exclusively educate and train groups of no more than 10 students to ensure quality, depth, proficiency, and substance.

You can find any imminent mentorship training here on this page and on the CALENDAR.
If the Mentorship Training you are seeking is not listed, send us a personal enquiry with your specific request.



Longterm Apprenticeship

In exceptional cases and synchronistic events, we accept, train, and lead non-ordinary, remarkably sincere, deeply dedicated, reality seeking individuals into the multi-faceted, multi-layered pragmatic ways of Suikido.

We see, recognize, and know the explicit ways and actions of original will, zest, and spirit pushing through from such rare individuals.

If such unlikely manifestation shows itself; apprenticeship will happen.


水 Sui  means water and reflects the quality suppleness and fluidity.

氣 Ki  means breath/life-force and refers to the dynamics of energy-in-motion.

Do  means a path/way and denotes a process of integration.

Core Principles of Suikido


The act of moving; a change or progression


The process or result of merging two or more things together.


The action or process of renewing or revolutionizing.


The quality of being smooth and continouis, a state of being able to flow.


The expression or application of human creative skill and passion.


Belonging to the essential innate nature of a thing, phenomenon, or person.


The quality of something or a person being real, original, true.

Suikido Dojo

Suikido Dojo is a 21st century movement temple & holistic healing centre located on 10-hectar mountain-forest-valley land in the mountainous area of Monchique, Portugal.

Suikido is dedicated to the research, evolution, and transmission of authentic martial arts, yogic science, meditative, and natural movement arts; holistic body treatment; integrated physio therapy; naturopathy; plant-based nutrition; synergistic herbology; naturalistic detox and indigenous purification practices.

We welcome and work with people from all walks and ways of life; from sedentary office worker to professional athletes; from health challenged people to vibrantly healthy individuals.

Find Us

Suikido Dojo is located in the Algarve region of South Portugal.

You will find us a few kilometers down a forest road on the south facing slopes of the Monchique mountains, between the city of Monchique and the village of Marmelete.

We have Faro Airport 1-hour 15 minutes drive away; the harbor city of Portimao 40 minutes away by car; and we have a 30 minutes drive from the city of Aljezur on the west coast.

Find us and meet us by joining one of our seasonal retreats or by coming here for a personal bespoke retreat.